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Produce Delivered With Precision

Fresh Freight is a food-focused transport company that genuinely understands the crucial details of delivering produce that stays fresh. Loading produce requires a whole different level of attention, communication and urgency. 

The clock is always running and the sooner the load is safely delivered, the better. Our meticulous attention to detail and adherence to industry best practices ensure that your perishable goods remain fresh and of the highest quality throughout the entire transportation journey.

Comprehensive Produce Transportation Services

We’re produce transportation specialists with the know-how to deliver your sensitive produce loads with the highest level of quality and service: 

  • Fresh and frozen expertise

  • Flexible capacity solutions including or own fleet and owner-operators experienced with perishable freight

  • Capacity for Salinas and Yuma transitions

  • Best practice produce loading

  • Long-term relationships with produce sheds

  • Cold chain process management

  • Compliance and safety monitoring

See Us In Action

Our reliable coast-to-coast coverage feels like a never ending road trip. Ride-along with us thorugh these dashcam videos: