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Delivering Professional Expertise, Built On Family Values

Fresh Freight is a family-owned operation and supplier of food transportation solutions that has quickly grown into an industry leader.

Matt Heroux, Fresh Freight founder and president, comes from a large midwestern family made up of farmers, grocers and food transporters from northeast Wisconsin, dating back to 1920’s. Growing up in a trucking family, he learned to understand the commitment it takes to be successful in transportation. That commitment to excellence provided the foundation to his career.

In high school, Matt began learning on the job while working for a transportation company, and then went on to study logistics and supply chain management in college. He spent nearly two decades in the industry perfecting his skills through work experience and working his way up the corporate ladder. He likes to think there is no problem he can’t find a solution for, as he's built a "toolbox" that can only come from real on-the-job experience. He eventually left behind his corporate executive position in 2016 to launch Fresh Freight.

Our mission to be the premium food shipping company begins with our process. We put the systems in place and took the steps to ensure every job is done the way it should be. Our load management system provides a checklist to ensure all government compliance, safety regulations and liability requirements are properly verified and continuously monitored. Our due diligence ensures our customers are always protected.

It’s about having the tools, knowledge, and passion. From start to finish, at Fresh Freight, we are Determined to Deliver the best.